Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Press Release
Summer Get Together & Book Launching
Contact Audrey @ 609-598-2298
Journey to Africa ...
Hi there! I would like you to save the date: Friday July 19th, starting at 6pm for a summertime meet, greet, and chill party. I invite you to meet my mom visiting from Cameroon and also hear more about a fun book our girls, Kris & Nori wrote titled, "Journey to Africa: Two Chocolate Brown Girls' Adventures in Cameroon." Come to 534 Maiden Court Middletown DE 19709 and I hope to see you at our place then.
Comments or questions call Audrey @ 609-598-2298.

 Cover illustration and pictures by Kristine Saah

Library of Congress  Number: 2012954342

ISBN: 0975526170

Printed in the United States of America

Friday July 19th, 2013, starting at 6pm for a summertime meet, greet, and chill party

534 Maiden Ct

Middletown, DE 19709

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Gist of  the book.
Once upon a time two beautiful, chocolate brown girls, Maka and Meke, lived in Princeton, New Jersey. Meke, the little sister, and Maka the older sister are Chocolate Brown girls. They go to school, sing in church, and play pretend games with dolls and animal toys. They love spending time in the Princeton Library where they get lost in books, story times or simply admiring the miniature, traditional American dollhouse or the giant fish tank with rainbow colored fish ...
The story of the Journey ...
One day, smack in the middle of a very serious game of explorer, Mom walks in and says, "What do you girls think about spending Christmas this year in an exotic, tropical land, far, far away?" Their adventure is beautifully narrated in "Journey to Africa."
About the Authors
Kristine and Norika are first generation African American sisters with roots in Cameroon. They spent part of their life in central, New Jersey and now live and attend school in Delaware. When not in school or on holiday travels, the chocolate brown girls enjoy track and field racing, soccer, performing in school plays and activities in the business partners of America club and hanging out with their friends.
Publisher: Nkemnjiglobaltech

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